Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

Visa Services in Dubai, UAE

We provide fast and reliable services for all type of Visa processing like Employee visa, Partner Visa, Family Dependent Visa, etc. 

  • Visa processing (applications and cancellation as well as renewals)
  • Family visa / spouse visa processing
  • Employee visa and / or labour cards
  • Document attestation
  • Arabic translation of official documents
  • Attestation of documents from the Chamber of Commerce as well as from Foreign Affairs
  • Health insurance processing
  • Facilitating Government work and requirements
  • Trade license processing (applications and renewals)
  • Registration of trade name
  • Business registration

Types of Visas in Dubai- UAE

Employment Visa – Permits the foreign national to work for a specific time period.

Investor / Partner Visa – Allows to enter or stay in country based on his/her investment.

Visit or Tourist Visa – Permits you to enter for a certain time period.

Family or Sponsor Visa – Permits sponsoring of parents, spouse, and children.

Maid Visa – Allows the foreign national to work under the sponsorship of the employer.

Long term Residence Visa – 10-year Gold Visa

UAE Government has broadened the professions eligible for the specialist talent visa of 10-years. Now a wide range of specialists can avail the benefits of a 10-year Residence Visa in UAE.

The visa eliminates the need for a Sponsor and issued to the individual upon meeting certain criteria. Under the long-term visa the individual is eligible for sponsor spouse and children too and settle comfortably in UAE for a long period.

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