Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Product Registration in Dubai Municipality , UAE

How to do Product Registration in Dubai Municipality?

Dubai is one of the best opportunities in the world for retailers to produce, import, re-export and sell a vast variety of goods. This includes makeup, clothing, and fitness goods, among many more. Due to the growing market field, the government has made it mandatory for you to register your goods before beginning your business.  AMG Consultancy will help to make product registration in Dubai fast and simple.

The key objective of the Product Registration in Dubai Municipality is the protection of consumers; this mechanism allows the CPSS (Consumer Goods Safety Section) to provide sufficient information to ascertain the safety of products. No cosmetic substance shall be produced, imported, exported, marketed, sold or distributed in Dubai without registering in compliance with the regulations of the Dubai Municipality.

What is Product Registration?

Product Registration means approval as may be granted by a relevant regulatory authority of a country to permit the marketing, import, use, sale and supply of a Licensed Product in country

The product registration process in Dubai is managed by several authorities such as the safety and health section of Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Health, or Food Department.

During the process, the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) evaluates the safety of products when they are used on the skin, hair, or body.The registration process must be completed for cosmetic products, dietary products and nutritional supplements.

Why Product Registration is mandatory in Dubai?

The government in Dubai regulates the products which enter the market, so it is important that your product is registered.
This has some more advantages:
It preserves the brand
It gives you more insight into your freedom to import and export
It lowers paperwork in the UAE and in the broader GCC trade
There are also certain registration areas, including cosmetics, foodstuffs, health supplements.

Documents Required for Product Registration in Dubai

  • Certificate of company registration
  • Laboratory test report
  • Certificate of free sales
  • The analysis report of the product

Steps of Product Registration in Dubai

You must be a registered company in the United Arab Emirates to register your product. You will also require a business license for cosmetic or general trading.

  1. Company Creation – Only companies based in Dubai or the UAE Free Zone can process the registration of the product. The company should have a legitimate business license. A company that carries out an acceptable business operation and is a local company can register its products with the Municipality of Dubai.
  2. Registration with the Municipality of Dubai – If a business is formed in Dubai or UAE Free Zones, the next step is to register with the Municipality of Dubai (DM). The DM needs some specific information from the organization, such as a business license, e-mail address, contact details, etc.
  3. Submission of the required documents – You will then have to refer the documents to the Municipality of Dubai in order to qualify for a label assessment of the goods in your product group. Next you’re going to have to submit a sample of the product to CPSS. If the label assessment has been completed, the Dubai Municipality will issue a Label Assessment Report, which provides an overview of the commodity.

Product Registration Services in Dubai

cosmetic product registration in Dubai,

Cosmetic Product Registration

Health Supplement Registration

Health Supplement Registration

Food Product Registration in Dubai

Food Product Registration

Detergent Product Registration in dubai

Detergent Product Registration

Disinfectant Product Registration in dubai

Disinfectant Product Registration

Ministry Health Products Registration in dubai

Ministry Health Products Registration

Validity of Product Registration in Dubai

The registration of a cosmetic product is valid for 5 years

Time required for Dubai Municipality Product Registration.

After receiving the full lists of documents it will take around 5 to 7days to complete the Dubai municipality product registration and obtain the certificate. It will take some more additional days if the product requires laboratory testing.

The approval of the product registration is subject to the jurisdiction of the Dubai Municipality. Inside the Dubai municipality processing system, procedures can vary and there can be delays. We will keep the customer informed at all times and ensure the product registrations are processed as quickly as possible.

product registration in Dubai Municipality

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